See Christopher Walken as Captain Hook on ‘Peter Pan Live!’

09.24.14 3 years ago


See Christopher Walken as Captain Hook on “Peter Pan Live!”
Walken has admitted to EW that  “I”m not a good singer.”

“Chuck” alum Zachary Levi may return to NBC in a musical comedy
Levi is producing “Tuned” with Eva Longoria, about an ambitious New Yorker – potentially played by Levi – who has  musical hallucinations.

John Rocker calls “Survivor” the “worst thing I”ve ever done”
In an interview with a morning radio show, the controversial pitcher said of “Survivor,” which he”s competing on with his girlfriend: “I can sum it up by saying it”s the worst thing I”ve ever done.”

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“SNL Vintage” debuts Saturday, featuring an iconic episode each of the past 39 seasons
Airing Saturdays at 10 pm, “SNL Vintage” will premiere with the Richard Pryor-hosted classic from “SNL”s” debut season in 1975. The following week, “SNL Vintage” will show the Christopher Walken episode from Season 25 featuring the famous “More Cowbell” sketch.

The Situation released on $250,000 bond
“Jersey Shore” star Mike Sorrentino and his brother turned themselves in after being charged with federal tax evasion.

MTV”s “Faking It” adds an intersex' character
The character Lauren was revealed on last night”s season premiere to be intersex, a person who is born with both male and female chromosomes.

“Shameless” books “Rizzoli & Isles” star Sasha Alexander for a major arc
She”ll play Helene, one of Lip”s college professors.

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