Watch: Selena Gomez wants you to ‘Come & Get It’ in new video

05.08.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Selena Gomez continues on her path to let us know she”s all grown up in her video for “Come & Get It.” The beautifully-lensed video for the  song, which sounds like a Rihanna reject, opens with Gomez luxuriating in haute couture in a beautiful flower-filled field, as one does.

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Crashing waves and a hawk screeching supposedly symbolize her sexual desire (though the hawk only made me think of the eagle call in the opening of “The Colbert Report”). As Gomez plays the reverse of hard to get, she lets her man, whose face we only see in fleeting glimpses caressed by Gomez”s hand, know that when he is re-re-re-re-re-a-dy, he can come and get it.

She hangs out on the rocks in a white gown, she travels to India to sit with bhangra drummers and other vestal virgins in a red outfit, similarly diaphanous, as she reminds her man that she is waiting She even sinks to the bottom of the ocean, still well-clad and bejeweled. For all we know, he’s come to get it, and can’t find her.

It”s a fashion spread posing as a video, just as Gomez, who doesn”t want to appear too sexual just in case she has any young fans left after “Spring Breakers,”  makes love to the camera, but doesn”t come close to even kissing a man in the clip.


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