Listen: Selena Gomez releases new single ‘Come & Get It’

04.08.13 5 years ago

Vanessa Hudgen’s first song since starring in “Spring Breakers” was much inspired by Spring Break in general. For Selena Gomez’ “Come & Get It?” Her new boppy, fun track has some Indian influence.

Check out the Disney star’s full-throated singing on “Come & Get It,” rife with tablas and adages that are most definitely not about Justin Bieber, according to her interview with Ryan Seacrest. The pop personality was the first to present Gomez’ single this morning, and among the first to hear that harmlessly bitter-sweet bridge on the “death of me.” It’s backed by synths that sound like really little race cars racing.

Dust off your na na na nas and eh eh eh eh eh ehs: this is like Rihanna Lite and will undoubtedly be on all summer long. Is the the first of the 2013 Certified Summer Jams?

“Come & Get It” is off of Gomez’ next, as-yet-untitled album, due this summer. The song goes on sale tonight.

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