‘Selma’s’ Tim Roth: There are still bigoted politicians – they just hide it better

01.08.15 3 years ago

Bigoted politicians? Newsflash: they're still among us. But as “Selma” star Tim Roth points out, their prejudice is (usually) more veiled than it was during the civil rights era of the 1960s.

“There's tons of [bigots in politics] out there,” Roth told us during promotion for the film, in which he plays former Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace. “Now they've been trained to keep it quiet…keep it under wraps.”

So what was it like playing a person with a “foul mind,” as Roth describes him? The answer may surprise you.

“It's easy to find your way into that mindset,” said Roth. “Because it's the easy road, to be a bigot. To have to be so full of hatred is easy.”

Tim Roth: wisdom thrower.

So does Roth buy Wallace's subsequent mea culpas for his segregationist policies? Watch the full interview above for the answer.

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