Sexy Admiral Ackbar cosplay will traumatize you, mesmerize you


Star Wars Celebration 2015 is over but the photos from the convention floor are still trickling out to the wider world. Some images are of costumes and props from “The Force Awakens” and some are…a little bit stranger.

One of the most surreal photos was taken by Grant Imahara, former “Mythbusters” host, of his girlfriend in her Admiral Ackbunny costume.


The woman inside the costume is Jenny Newman, who concocted the idea as part of Star Wars Bunnies. The cosplay group bunnified characters from C-3P0 to Rebel Pilots, but Newman”s Ackbar stole the show (for obvious reasons).


A photo posted by @jennernugen on Apr 18, 2015 at 6:08pm PDT


Hopefully, Ackbunny can meet up with Sexy Tyrion Lannister at SDCC this year for the weirdest photo op ever.

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