Shakira’s new single ‘She-Wolf’ unleashed unto the world

07.13.09 8 years ago 4 Comments


Shakira’s long-awaited new single “She-Wolf” has finally been let out of the cage and is now available for free download now until midnight.

The disco-leaning dance track features the Latina singer’s signature yodel, some heavy breathing and an odd chorus: “There’s a She-Wolf in your closet.” You may also be encouraged to look up the word “lycanthropy” in your closest Merriam Webster.

No matter, “She-Wolf” is, dare I say, a more subtle hit from Shakira.

The track can be acquired for free after you sell your soul give up only a little info about yourself via the ABC Music Lounge website, now through midnight or until 100,000 people have done Shakira’s bidding.

No word on when the track goes up for sale. We did, however, predict it to be a hit this summer three weeks ago.

“She Wolf” the album is due in October from Epic, and includes some co-writing from Pharrell.

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