Shane Meadows and the Stone Roses collide in an amazing new trailer

04.18.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

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I would not have guessed that there was a hole in my life shaped exactly like a documentary about the Stone Roses directed by Shane Meadows, but there totally was, and now I know it.

First of all, I love Shane Meadows movies. I just plain like the way he thinks. I like his characters, i think he’s got a great subtle eye, and I think he’s made some great, largely underseen films that deserve discovery by a larger audience.

Second of all, I love the Stone Roses. I remember when that album first came out. It felt like there was a real moment happening in music, and I loved a lot of what I was listening to, and even amidst a bunch of other great things going on, The Stone Roses stood out. It’s one of those albums that has stayed in permanent rotation ever since, and every time I listen it, I get a sort of full-sensory time travel back to the first few times I heard it and the summer it was omnipresent in our house and great times that were scored by the album, and it’s all tied up together in a flood of emotion and experience for me.

These days, I have other priorities besides seeing bands live. I still think live music is one of the best things in the world, but in Los Angeles, it’s expensive and it’s annoying to coordinate and I’ve pretty much given up because it’s just plain easier. And because I don’t go see live music, I try not to read about live music as much. It’s like reading restaurant reviews of places I’ll never be able to go eat. I just don’t see the point in torturing myself. As a result, I’m almost embarrassed to say I didn’t know that this happened, so watching the trailer was my moment of “Wait a minute… the Stone Roses got back together?!”

I can’t wait to see this. I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of the films I am most curious to see, and as soon as possible. Check it out:

There is nothing about this movie that is anything less than a dead-center hit on my pleasure center based on my particular tastes. I can see how this might not be your personal cup of tea, but for me, this looks like absolute movie heaven, and I am excited to not only see it in the theater but to get a copy for the house that I can play over and over, a new addition to a very small discography.

Now I just wish my old roommate Keven still lived in LA so we could see it together.

There is no current US release date for the film that I could find. Please, someone, fix that.

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