‘Sharknado 2’ wants fans to fork over $50,000 to film an extra scene

04.11.14 4 years ago

“Sharknado 2” wants fans to fork over $50,000 to film an extra scene
An Indiegogo page has been set up to raise the money to film the scene. And if fans don”t pay, the scene won”t be filmed.

Syfy orders space opera “The Expanse”
The thriller set 200 years in the future is based on the James S.A. Corey book series.

Discovery Channel will air a 5-night late-night talk show devoted to “Everest Live Jump”
“Everest: Live From Base Camp” will kick off Monday, May 5.

CBS boss Les Moonves made $66.9M last year
Also last year, CBS” shareholders” shares appreciated 67.5%.

Stephen Colbert vs Jimmy Fallon sets up the late-night music wars
Fallon will soon have a rival in the battle of can”t-miss musical moments in late-night TV. PLUS: Colbert has repeatedly shown his true self, recalling Colbert”s 2005 “Colbert Report” launch reviews.

Conan O”Brien: I”m going to spoil “Game of Thrones” to get people to watch the MTV Movie Awards
“I”ve … gotten a hold of the Game of Thrones episode that”s on that night,” Conan jokes. “So on the day before the awards, I”m going to get out as many spoilers as possible to kill the Game of Thrones experience for people. Then, out of either despair or rage, they”ll have to tune in to see the MTV Movie Awards.”

Watch Mila Kunis crack “That ’70s Show” jokes with Ashton Kutcher on “Two and a Half Men”
Ashton and Mila jokes about their past on last night”s episode.

Daniel Tosh and Comedy Central pay their condolences to the PA who was killed by cops
John Winkler, 30, had only been working on the show and in L.A. for a brief time before his death on Monday.

Helen Slater joins “The Young and the Restless”
The former “Supergirl” will appear in at least five episodes next month.

Did Ben Savage get a nose job for “Girl Meets World”?
Savage”s nose looks totally different in the trailer for the Disney Channel spinoff.

“Full House”s” original Danny Tanner recalls being replaced by Bob Saget
Actor John Posey was in Mississippi when he got the bad Saget news from his agent.

“Dancing” double amputee Amy Purdy is a “natural superhero”
Purdy proudly embraces the word “fembot,” and as dance critic Sarah Kaufman writes of her prosthetic limbs: “Peeking out of her adorable gold-fringed cha-cha pants were gleaming metal rods leading to flesh-toned plastic feet, part Terminator, part department-store mannequin. Purdy”s bionic limbs give her a fascinating fembot-bombshell look.

“Late Night” writer was surprised to learn she”s the 1st black female hired to write for a network late-night show
Says Amber Ruffin, who originally auditioned for “SNL”s” black female casting call: “”It just never occurred to me that I might be the person that's, you know, some girl is like, 'Hooray, now I've got an even better shot at this. Thanks Amber! Don't mess it up.””

“Veep” creator reveals his favorite insult from the show
Armando Iannucci says “the seven-foot mouth” from the season premiere cracks him up every time.

Why are TV daughters so hated?
From Paige on “The Americans” to “Homeland”s” Dana Brody, TV daughters seem to attract the ire of their audience.

Nick Offerman recreates a 1920 Norman Rockwell cover of Popular Science magazine
As the “Parks and Rec” star describes it on Twitter, “A Jackass on the cover of @PopSci as a guy who might could find his ass with both hands.” PLUS: Offerman on directing last night”s “Parks and Rec” surprise.

Peek inside Seth Meyers” unusual-looking backstage area
From Meyers” office to his dressing room and green rooms.

“Nurse Jackie” is back for Season 5, and it”s starting to feel tired
Edie Falco”s Showtime series feels like it”s in a holding pattern. PLUS: Peter Facinelli explains why he”s leaving.

“Californication” kicks off its final season showing its greatness and flaws
Much of this 7th season will feel like a rerun until Hank Moody”s story concludes. PLUS: “Californication”s” soundtrack drops Sunday, watch 6 seasons in 2 minutes, and what David Duchovny will miss about Hank.

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