Shia LaBeouf and his mountain man beard regale Kimmel with the story of his cabaret arrest


Somewhere along the way, Shia LaBeouf went from adorkable Disney star to borderline insanity. Which given Disney's track record of chewing up and spitting out tween idols, shouldn't be a surprise. 

But now LaBeouf is doing press for “Fury” and seems to have himself under control…kind of. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, LaBeouf went off on a rambling story to explain how he got arrested for being drunk and disruptive during a production of “Cabaret.” Shia is just self-aware enough to tell a great self-deprecating tale.

And because there is never a bad time to revisit this, let's all take a moment to listen to Rob Cantor's ode to Shia LaBeouf's crazy antics.

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