Why yes, this IS just a remarkable photo of Chris Pratt shirtless

07.07.13 5 years ago

Hi, how was your weekend? Did you see this photo of Chris Pratt without his shirt on?

Was your Fourth of July everything you’d hoped it would be? And did you happen to notice that Chris Pratt has been working out?

I’m wondering, did you go to any barbeques? Also, did you have any idea abs could even look like this?

What about fireworks? Yes, I am obviously still referring to Chris Pratt.

Chris Instagrammed this photo of himself sans top and plus muscles, with the explanation that it’s what he looks like after six months without beer. Which has got to be the worst news Budweiser has heard since finding out one of their frogs was captured and roasted by the Most Interesting Man in the World.

If you’d like a comparison, for your own consideration of the beer-less lifestyle, here’s an older image of shirtless Chris from an episode of “Parks and Rec.”

Remarkable, right? And proof that this stuff totally needed to be posted. Don’t even try to tell me I’m being indulgent. And don’t tell me you aren’t looking forward to “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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