Shut up and take my money! – Wonder Woman, Gandalf, and more

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All week long, I scour the Internet for the best ways to blow part (or all) of your paycheck on your favorite fandom. From clothes and jewelry to wall art and prints, if it”s geeky, it”s game.

Calling all Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Mario fangirls! Step right up and debate if food is really necessary this week.

#1 – Destroy the boardroom opposition in a “Star Wars” AT-AT pencil skirt.

Etsy seller EngramClothing offers a range of nerdy screen prints, but there”s just something exceptionally fierce about a business skirt with a tamed AT-AT on it.

#2 – Stay toasty warm in the depths of space in a “Captain Marvel” sweater.

Become part of the Carol Corps with this WeLoveFine knit sweater.

#3 – Revel in the stylized beauty of Nintendo Still Life.

“High” art and fan art? The answer to most of life”s questions is “BOTH!” Which is exactly what you get with these extraordinary Super Mario and Legend of Zelda still life pack by Lizustration.

#4 – Even Gandalf forgets to turn on Incognito mode in this “Lord of the Rings” shirt.

Head over to Woot! to pick up Gandalf”s last request as a shirt or print.

#5 – Wonder Woman is pretty much in a bathing suit anyway, so might as well make it official.

Yeah, yeah. It”s still January. But this Wonder Woman one-piece swimsuit by BlackMilk Clothing is too flawless not to share with the world. Much to Edna Mode”s chagrin, it even comes with a detachable cape!

Have you seen geeky swag that made you yell “Shut up and take my money!”? Send your suggestions to!

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