Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis discuss the not so ‘new’ James Cameron

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One of the more intriguing aspects of the success of “Avatar” is what appears to be a more personable James Cameron.  Always known as an intense filmmaker on set, the “Titanic” and “Terminator” creator was not necessarily known as publicity shy, but he certainly held many of his future plans and opinions close to the vest.  That’s changed dramatically since “Avatar’s” massive critical and financial success.  

Cameron has been more blunt in his public opinions over the past 10 months since this pundit can remember (and I have some recollection having worked at Fox International during the “Titanic” run).  Whether it’s at a 3-D conference in Asia, suggesting solutions to solve the BP oil spill or his concerns over the misuse of 3-D in films like “Piranha 3-D,” Cameron has not retreated to his Malibu home to count his “Avatar” fortune.  Perhaps its because of that financial security (I mean, really, is 20th Century Fox or any other studios ever going to really question him on a future project with his track record?) or status in cinematic history (ie, “legendary”), but this is one filmmaker who is clearly enjoying yet another pinnacle in his illustrious career.  It was therefore, with great interest that I had the opportunity to speak to two of Cameron’s most famous leading ladies: Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The duo, pretty legendary themselves mind you, star in the new Disney comedy “You Again” as former high school BFF’s who run into each other decades after a dramatic split.  They are hands down the most entertaining aspect of the film, but our conversation didn’t evolve much beyond Curtis and Weaver’s thoughts on just whether or not their “True Lies” and “Aliens” director had changed over the years.  You can check out the video embedded on this page for their surprising answers.

“You Again” opens nationwide on Sept. 24.    For more on James Cameron, check out Drew McWeeny’s sit down with the filmmaker from earlier this month.

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