Simon Cowell: Last season’s ‘X Factor’ was like a bad dinner party

08.01.13 4 years ago

Simon Cowell: Last season’s “X Factor” was like a bad dinner party

Season 3, in contrast, is a “fun dinner party,” Cowell told critics. Simon also responded to “The Voice’s” claim that it’s not about launching careers. “You’re making a promise to contestants, you’re going to turn them into a real live artist. You can’t guarantee, but that is your commitment. Otherwise it”s a game show.”  PLUS: Simon can’t imagine returning to “Idol,” the “X Factor” prize is being reduced from $5 million to $1 million, and Simon declined to talk about becoming a father.

Brian Williams to undergo knee surgery
The “NBC Nightly News” anchor announced tonight that’s he’s taking a leave of absence.

How difficult is writing subtitles for “Honey Boo Boo”?
Exec producer Sara Reddy, charged with the subtitling task, says: “They talk incredibly fast and they just skip over consonants and entire syllables,” she says, adding: “I don’t know why I have this gift, but I understand them perfectly, and I don”t think they need to be subtitled.”

“Dads” producer: “We don’t want this to be the racial-insult comedy show”
The Seth MacFarlane Fox sitcom has come under fire for its racial jokes, particularly one in which Brenda Song is asked to dress as a “sexy Asian schoolgirl.” PLUS: Song defends schoolgirl outfit.

Can “Enlisted” pull off being a comedy about war?
The Fox comedy tried “really, really” hard not to become “mocking or disrespectful.”

Why DogTV won’t work
As Slate explains, the $4.99/month DirecTV channel that launches today looks to canines “like a slideshow powered by a dim strobe light.”

What does the “Breaking Bad” trailer “Ozymandias” mean?
Why Walter White goes together with the 1918 poem.

Pakistani talk show gives away babies as prizes
Last month, “Amaan Ramazan” gave away two babies on live TV.

“Castle” paying homage to “Saved by the Bell”
An episode will revolve around the murder of an actor who plays a “Screech”-like character.

Read of Pauley Shore’s rise and fall
Why “The Weasel” didn’t make out of the ’90s.

“SNL’s” ticket lottery is now open

To sit in the “Saturday Night Live” audience any time next season, you must show your interest now.

Watch a “heartbreaking end to “Kids’ Jeopardy!”
A boy held back tears after adding an extra “t” to Emancipation Proclamation.”

Lena Dunham plans to stalk the “Scandal” cast at the Emmys

Last year, she says, she “ended up following Kerry Washington around for 10 hours without actually talking to her.” PLUS: Assistant feeds Dunham on “Girls” set.

See 15 new “Boardwalk Empire” images from Season 4
Including new cast member Jeffrey Wright.

Why “Parks and Rec” will be fine without Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins
Both characters had been running out of steam. PLUS: 8 side characters who should be considered for the main cast.

Jason Segel has slimmed down for the final “HIMYM” season
“This time when I take my shirt off, I’ve made a promise to myself, it doesn’t have to be funny,” he says.

Food Network orders a kids’ edition of “Rachael vs. Guy”
“Kid Cook-Off” debuts Sept. 8.

“Almost Human” insists it’s a procedural “police drama”
The J.J. Abrams robot cop drama doesn’t want to scare away viewers who don’t like genre shows.

Tracy Morgan used to be a barbershop poster model
Check out the “30 Rock” star before he made it big.

FXX to air the Creative Arts Emmys
The annual ceremony had aired on ReelzChannel the past two years.

Bravo renews “Million Dollar Listing New York”
The 2nd-year reality show hit a series high recently.

Disney Junior going to space with “Miles from Tomorrowland”

The cartoon follows a young adventurer and his family as they travel through outer space.

TLC reenacts in-law horror stories
“Surviving the In-Laws” is cheap even TLC standards.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel as a child
He’s wearing matching outfits with him mom.

“One Life To Live” and “All My Children” get season finale dates
Their first season on The Online Network will wrap on Aug. 19 and Sept. 2, respectively.

Watch the 1st episode of “Broadchurch”
The BBC drama that Fox is remaking is now available on BBC America’s YouTube channel.

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