Singer tweets Jackman sneak for ‘X-Men’ as ‘Wolverine’ CinemaCon trailer leaks

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At this point, I’ll bet even Hugh Jackman is wondering just how much Wolverine is too much Wolverine.

Right now, they aren’t even done with “The Wolverine,” the Japan-set stand-alone film by James Mangold that’s coming out in July, and Hugh Jackman is already doing wardrobe tests for the about-to-start-shooting “X-Men: Days Of Future Past.”

Bryan Singer, returning to the world of “X-Men” for the first time since he left Fox in turmoil so he could go direct “Superman Returns,” seems to be enjoying every single part of the pre-production process, and he’s being fairly open with imagery via his Twitter account. I ran a photo last week that he sent out from Storm’s wardrobe test, showing off Halle Berry’s new look, and yesterday, he had a little fun with the way fandom is freaking out over every little thing he releases by putting out the first image of Wolverine from “DOFP.”

Of course, it’s a shot from behind of the back of his head. But still…

I just want to know what the structure is that they built in front of that giant greenscreen.

If you want a longer look at Wolverine in action, then the CinemaCon trailer for “The Wolverine” is your better bet. After all, this is the footage they showed to the theater owners at their annual convention to try and convince them to book “The Wolverine” onto all of their screens this summer. Pretend you’re a booker and you’re trying to decide how many screens to devote to each of the big July releases. Then you see this:

Do you (A) order more screens  or (B) scale back your initial order?

I am very curious to see if “The Wolverine” can establish its own voice, and I’m equally curious to see if Singer can rescue the “X-Men” series from its own continuity issues and craft something that once again makes the series seem exciting and fresh. “X-Men: First Class” was a nice step in that direction, but returning to the somewhat strangled timeline of the first three films seems risky to me.

“The Wolverine” is in theaters July 26, 2013.
“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” arrives July 17, 2014.

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