Slender Man: Here’s the skinny on the new movie

05.04.16 2 years ago

Internet boogeymonster Slender Man is about to bring his terrifying ways to a theater near you.

Screen Gems, the studio behind such films as Deliver Us from Evil, the 2013 Carrie remake and the Resident Evil series, has signed on to make a movie based on the lanky meme, this according to The site reports that a script has already been written by David Birke, who most recently wrote the Paul Verhoeven-directed film Elle.

Slender Man is the creation of Eric Knudsen (a.k.a. Victor Surge). The skinny, faceless being is typically known for stalking and scaring people, often times children.  

In describing the character in a 2011 interview, Knudsen said, “He”s just taking all those tropes that terrify people: tall person, pale skin, tentacles…when it comes all together, it”s just immensely creepy.”

Since being introduced to the web in 2009, Slender Man has spawned video games as well as inspired many to create videos and memes based on him.

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