‘SNL’ and Chris Pratt present you with ‘Marvel’s Star Wars’

09.28.14 3 years ago

When they announced that Chris Pratt as hosing the season debut of “Saturday Night Live” you know it wasn't just because he's on NBC's “Parks and Recreation.” No, this was because he was the breakout star o the biggest hit of the year, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  The “SNL” writers needed to come up with something creative to mock “Guardians” success and they did, by pointing the finger straight at Marvel.

That's right, Marvel just can't fail.  Want a movie about four strangers off a bus?  They'll turn that into a $3 billion smash.  Want a movie about, um, some woman named Pam?  Shoot, they'll even give you a sequel.   But, most of all, they know even Lucasfilms' little baby can use some Marvel magic next year.

Check out in the embedded clip below.

*And major props for someone at “SNL” giving us the real Nova uniforms comic fans wanted to see this summer!

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