‘SNL’ skewers “60 Minutes” using Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

11.17.13 4 years ago

“SNL” skewers “60 Minutes” using Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Which is the only show that would believe a crack-smoking mayor? “60 Minutes,” of course.

“How I Met  Your Dad” won’t use “How I Met Your Mother” to introduce its characters
The “HIMYM” spinoff also “probably” won’t use MacLaren’s, says co-creator Carter Bays.

Alec Baldwin warns he may be done at MSNBC
“Whether the show comes back at all is at issue right now,” Baldwin wrote in a blog post on The Huffington Post, where he explained, once again, that he didn’t use the homophobic F-word.

AMC may develop controversial comic book “Preacher” with Seth Rogen
The comic book series about a possessed preacher was once deemed to violent, dark and controversial for HBO.

What if “Breaking Bad” was a “Malcolm in the Middle” dream?
Watch a “Newhart”-style alternate ending. UPDATE: Watch the gag reel for the final episodes.

Dodger Stadium surprises Larry King for his 80th birthday
Though King doesn’t turn 80 until Tuesday, his life was celebrated Friday on the Dodger Stadium field.

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