‘SNL’ unveils Swiftamine: For when you realize you now love Taylor Swift

11.02.14 3 years ago

You just can't get that song “Shake It Off” out of your head. You are a native New Yorker and even though the thought of her singing an anthem to your city makes you want to throw up, you love “Welcome to New York.”  It's true. Taylor Swift has taken over the world and no one will escape the sounds of “1989.”

(True story: Today at Barry's Bootcamp in Los Angeles, the class instructor played “Out of the Woods” and volunteered “I can't stop playing this. It totally speaks to me” without any hint of sarcasm whatsoever. If I hadn't paid $20 for the class I would have gotten up and left! Hey, haters gotta hate!)

Don't worry though America. You may be over the age of 24 and wondering “Why do I like this? I hate Taylor Swift. I see her on interviews and just go 'Ew.' What's wrong with me?” Never fear, “Saturday Night Live” has come to the rescue. On last night's program, the NBC institution unveiled Swiftamine to combat symptoms of vertigo in adults who can't understand why they love Taylor Swift, “Shake it Off,” “Welcome to New York” or “Out of the Woods.”

Watch the clip below to find out more about this amazing new miracle drug.  Considering it was just revealed Swift has the biggest selling album in the past 12 years you may need it sooner than you think.  This one ain't going anywhere.


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