Listen: Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus duet on ‘Ashtrays and Heartbreak’

04.04.13 5 years ago

The salvia-smoking, blunt-toking Miley Cyrus is leaving her teen queen image even further in the dust on “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” a new song on Snoop Lion”s (aka Snoop Dogg) new album, “Reincarnated.”

The hazy, reggae-influenced track opens with Snoop Lion declared “tonight there”s going to be a lot of smoke in the air,” as he lifts a blunt for those no longer with us. Shortly thereafter, Cyrus comes in with refrain, “Now my buzz is gone/I need to re-up on reality.” She also sings the majority of the chorus (with some vocal assistance from Angela Hunte, according to Billboard).

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Snoop laments that “when it”s right, something will always go wrong.” It”s a rather downer song, to be quite honest, although it attempts to show we”re all in this together, as Cyrus sings, “Is there any possibility that anyone feels like me?”

Just like ashtrays and heartbreaks, Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus are not two things that you would think would go together well, but they blend surprisingly well here.

“Reincarnated” comes out April 23, and also features Chris Brown.  Here”s our interview with Snoop Lion about the album and the documentary about his trip to Jamaica to record the set.

Cyrus is also at work on her new album with producers Pharrell and a number of other producers.


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