Snowy Atlanta Highway Is A Dead Ringer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Poster


Last night, a rare winter storm moved through the southern United States. Places that usually consider temperatures in the 40s to be downright intense were blasted with a cold front that dropped over two inches of snow in cities ill-equipped to handle the situation. When your climate rarely sees ice, let alone snow, investing in salt trucks doesn’t seem important until you’ve got commuters gridlocked on the highway for twenty hours – and counting. Photographs from across the south look like something out of a post-apocalypse scenario. In fact, maybe a little too much like one in particular.

Check out this photo of traffic at a standstill in Atlanta on January 29th. Look familiar? Maybe a little like déjà vu?

Photo Credit: AP Photos

If it does, you’re probably a fan of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. Remove the glassy ice sheet from the lanes going into the heart of the city and replace them with a clueless man with a death-wish on a horse and the resemblance is uncanny.

Image Credit: AMC

Of course, it’s damn near impossible to plan for a zombie uprising. Not the the CDC isn’t trying – which now that I think about it is really disconcerting. But in the coming days there will surely be questions raised as to how major metropolitan areas could be caught so off-guard by predicted weather that hundreds of people were stranded to sleep in their cars or – in some cases – schools and offices.

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