So, Star-Lord and Captain America just made the most Boy Scout Super Bowl bet ever


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It”s that time of year again. Super Bowl XLIX is bearing down on America with all the force of outrageously over-priced ads. This year, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will duke it out for the title of Super Bowl Champion.

But they”ll ALSO be battling for the favor of their respective superhero patrons. Captain America (Chris Evans) favors the Patriots – of course he does – while Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) will be rooting for the Seahawks. And the happiness of children is on the line, after some Twitter smack-talk turned into the cutest bet of all time.

#1: It started out simply enough, with Evans drawing the proverbial line in the sand.


#2: But then Pratt fired back with an epic burn.


#3: Which the First Avenger could not abide.


#4: Leaving Star-Lord to set the stakes.


#5: A gentlemen's gentleman, Evans accepted the terms.


No pressure on the football teams obviously, but those sick kids are counting on you to win and/or lose! Guess we'll find out who's getting a surprise superhero visit on February 1, 2015.


The New England Patriots have won Super Bowl XLIX! I guess that means Chris Pratt will be donning a Brady jersey and heading to visit the kids at Christopher's Haven!


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