‘So You Think You Can Dance’ to change results format

07.05.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


It’s not often that fans get exactly what they want from a TV show, but it seems that that’s exactly what has happened with “So You Think You Can Dance.” After the show launched a new format for eliminating dancers, fans took to social media to complain. Instead of saving the elimination for the end of the show, it had been moved to the beginning — meaning that dancers would have to continue performing with their partners despite having been cut. 

Fans suggested this was cruel at best, potentially dangerous at worst (who’s to say an upset dancer wouldn’t mess up a routine, many of which feature high-flying lifts or worse, and either injure him or herself or a partner?). Another a potential downside to the new format is that a dancer might shine in the remaining part of the show — but it would be too late for him or her to be saved (which some could argue has already happened with Carlos’ elimination this week). 

Yesterday, producer Nigel Lythgoe tweeted that he not only heard the complaints, he was responding to them: “We’re taking your advice by revealing America’s vote in the beginning and judging at the end. I hope it will inspire the bottom 4? Thank you”

What this means for the dancers and the show is that the bottom dancers will be announced at the top of the show, but two dancers will not be officially cut until the very end. This is similar to last year’s format, which was the first results/performance show mash-up thanks to Fox cutting a second night of programming. 

This should be good news for fans, and even better news for dancers who now have just a little more time to convince judges to keep them in the hunt. More than that, it’s great news for fans, who now know that not only are their voices heard, they’re powerful enough to affect change. 

What do you think of the decision? 

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