Song Of The Day: ArpLine’s ‘Parts Unknown’ ought be known

04.21.10 8 years ago

You may be in pajamas, having your nightcap or drinking your joe. But take two minutes, sprinkle yourself with some black glitter and smear on some eyeliner and turn up ArpLine’s “Parts Unknown.”

These synthy, spacey dark glamour kings (no queens?) have cobbled together a hot mess on their 2009 album “Travel Book,” all of which can be streamed here. The compartmentalized chaos of Brooklyn brethren Animal Collective comes to mind in “Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper” and “Weekend in the Colonies” made me want to procure a license for a nano-death ray (legal in New York!). 

But “Parts Unknown” is the real winner today, with it’s creepy-sexy arching keyboard lines, Sam Tyndall’s pipes doing backbends on the chorus for cinematic effect. We hope they wrote a thank you note to Depeche Mode.

I bring this all up because they’re playing their native Brooklyn tomorrow (April 22) at Death By Audio and have a handful of other Northeast stops in May. You should go, it’ll be fun.

Download and play this puppy below.

[Said puppy after the jump…]

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