Song Of The Day: Bon Iver combines with Kanye West in ‘Lost in the World’ leak

09.29.10 7 years ago

It’s not even Friday but today we have the arrival of yet another new Kanye West track.

Earlier this summer, we reported that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon had joined forces with Ye on a “Woods”-sampling track, and “Lost in the World” is the result of that. The famed producer changes keys and ads a floor-bumping beat underneath the melancholy stack of auto-tuned vocals. Additionally, check the intense use of Gil Scott-Heron’s spoken-word piece “Comment #1.”

Click here to check “Lost in the World” at Your Audio Fix.

(Not sure how or why the site got first dibs, considering it obnoxiously painted it’s call all over the track, sounding like Bender from “Futurama.” Sorry folks.)

Anyway, this is the same track that Kanye spat a cappella at the Rolling Stone and Facebook offices last month. Of the track, Vernon told Pitchfork, “So I head out [to Hawaii] and he plays me the track and it sounds exactly like how you want it to sound: forward moving, interesting, light-hearted, heavy-hearted, fucking incredible sounding jam. It was kind of bare so I added some choir-sounding stuff and then thicked out the samples with my voice.” Then a little something about smoking joints with Rick Ross and “I’m just a dude in a t-shirt who smells like shit.”

Lovely. Overall, it’s a neat, sexy little track in three parts, with some good lines from Kanye, who in this writer’s opinion has been hit or miss so far with all that’s come out. I personally love the sneeze out of Bon Iver, so it’s about time dude gets paid. Click here to hear the original of “Woods.”

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In other Ye news, the rapper keeps flip-flopping about official-ish details on his new album. While we reported that the as-yet-untitled set is due Nov. 22, today West is feeling more tentative. “I’m still contemplating my album date… I’m finished with it but when should I drop?” he Tweeted, followed by, “I can’t decide on my album title either uuuugh!!!!”

I promise to not make news out of not-news daily on West, but seriously guy, are you going to prom with us, yes or no? CIRCLE ONE.

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