Song Of The Day: Deftones’ hard rock return ‘Diamond Eyes’

04.13.10 8 years ago

Deftones are just one of those bands that has never fallen from hard rockers’ good graces, not fully anyway. I blame the sustaining glory and awesomeness of “Around the Fur” (and, for some, “White Pony”).

Just in time for those Faith No More and Soundgarden reunions, Deftones are off to the races again with immense guitar riffs, hum-worthy melodies, some screamin’ and air-drum-worthy, double-bass-peddling madness “Diamond Eyes” (the song).

“Diamond Eyes” (the album) got a bump up to May 4, right around the corner. It’s been a long-yet-short, strange road for this effort to even come about: after taking a break post-“Saturday Night Wrist” (2006), the band went into the studio to make the record “Eros.” Bassist Chi Cheng, unfortunately, was in a severe car accident, leaving him with brain damage. The band, in order to raise money for Cheng’s medical expenses, played some benefit shows with fill-in Sergio Vega (Quicksand). They all hit it off, the band shelved “Eros” to wait for Cheng to recover, and went headlong into “Diamond Eyes.”

Cheng is currently in a “minimally conscious” state, though, according to a Warner Bros. rep, is apparently showing “signs of improvement.”

OK, so back to the music video: glass exploding into glitter (fine, diamonds), a sorceress, and owls! Glorious owls! The owl on the front cover of the album, to be exact; in our heads, the Deftones’ owl could battle it out with Andrew Bird’s “Armchair Apocrypha” album cover owl in the most bizarrely themed album mashup of all time.

Deftones head out on tour in a week.

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Deftones – Diamond Eyes (Official)

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