Song Of The Day: Download Sleigh Bells’ first single ‘Tell ‘Em’

05.01.10 8 years ago

M.I.A.’s name was in the news for other reasons this week, in one more positive, not-head-shooty way.

Her N.E.E.T. imprint, in conjunction with Mom + Pop, is releasing Sleigh Bells’ crazy, ravey effort “Treats” on May 11.. For a taste, we have “Tell ‘Em.”

I’d venture a guess and say I’ve listened to this track 40 times in the last 48 hours. It’s a prepare-for-battle track without the moodiness of a single minor melody. It starts up here (put your hand flat to your nose) and goes and stays there (extend your hand away from your face in a straight line). Alexis Krauss’ siren voice bleats over a machine gun — sorry, I had to say it — of drum beats and  laser sounds with the chanting of a cheerleader, encouraging us to do “our best today.”

The band is touring with Yeasayer — a killer double-bill — for a few more days, and are playing some hilariously small shows in their home base Brooklyn for the album release. Then they’re out all summer. You will hear Sleigh Bells coming.

[Stream the track after the jump…]

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