Song Of The Day: F*cked Up’s ‘The Other Shoe’ drops

03.29.11 7 years ago


At All Tomorrow’s Parties in upstate New York last year, F*cked Up frontman Damian Abraham poured a box of cereal down into the front of his boxer shorts, the only clothes he was left wearing at the end of his set.

And the punk band’s “The Chemistry of Common Life” was on constant rotation for two of my most frantic months at the beginning of 2009.

It is for these reasons that the band will be always on my radar, and why if they want to make a rock opera, I await it eagerly.

The Matador act will release “David Comes to Life” on June 7, music that goes to a play (or it’s just a musical. Or whatever). There’s at least a synopsis of what may happen on stage, but undoubtedly more will be revealed as June 7 creeps up. In fact, four songs total of the 18 will debut between now and then, including “The Other Shoe,” posted for free download at the “David Comes to Life” website.

And here’s some info on the play’s namesake.

The track is kind of a shocking contrast between sweet women’s voices and the growl from all engines.

I wanna fast forward already to how this album will be performed live, and I hope I get an invite to that party.

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