Song Of The Day: Interpol turns on the dark ‘Lights’

04.29.10 7 years ago

Unlike Trent Reznor’s new project How to Destroy Angels, Interpol is pulling back the curtain on their new project by introducing a full song, and not just a 40-second snippet.

“Lights” is the first new music we’ve heard from the Capitol band since 2007 — one of the reasons why these dark rockers were HitFix’s radar as one of the most anticipated acts to release recordings this year.

Interpol sent the ultra-brief message out yesterday:

Hello everyone.

We’re stirring.
Please take a moment to visit our website:
We want to show you something.
And make sure you come back soon.
We will be posting important information and dates in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

Thank you, and stir on. Just in case we over-invest in the spring thaw, this foursome keeps us into deep freeze, delivering on the dark promises of “elegant, orchestral” music. Singer Paul Banks’ voice reminds me of ’80s Ozzy, on those opening strains and on the bridge leading up to payoff circa 3:45.

The whole jam equals out to 5:38, with loads of vamping at the end into a somewhat cheap fade-out. Still, When those drums finally start rumbling, it truly feels like a time start shaking, throw on some of that pomade and wear them sunglasses indoors.

Stream the track below, but download via the aforementioned website, by donating your left arm birth date and email address. I’d have embeded that video clip if it were worth a damn.

Interpol last released “Our Love to Admire” three years ago.

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