Song Of The Day: Jay-Z helps on Jay Electronica track, signs rapper to Roc Nation

11.15.10 7 years ago

Jay Electronica has formally signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label over the weekend, ending weeks of speculation. In celebration, two songs have been released: John F. Kennedy-sampling “The Announcement,” appropriately, and “Shiny Suit Theory,” featuring Jay-Z, The-Dream and Charlotte Gainsbourg (?!).

The latter, posted below, has simple samples and a seriously old-school feel, with sparse raps and Jay-Z’s verse boasting of the fire from his youth. Electronica gives some context for his own success: “Me and Puff, we were chilling in Miami / He said, ‘N*gga, f*ck the underground, you need to win a Grammy / For your mama and your family.” This all bodes well for a Jay Electronica album to come.

Meanwhile, Diddy started pushing his friend Electronica’s buttons, Tweeting, “Damn it hurts in a whole other way when someone you felt and I mean really felt was your Friend, Betrays you. It hurts when Breathe.” The emo-ness arrived about the same time the announcement was finalized at the Box in New York.

Turns out, the post had nothing to do with Jay-Z or Jay Electronica — or so Puffy says.

“@JayElectronica I proud of you! I’m happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you’ I’m not mad at you! All I wanna do is see you win! All love”

… and…

“Before we start the week off with Rumors. I am not mad at Jay Z! I’m not mad at anyone! Jz was not the friend I was referring 2 Be clear.”

And then Diddy Tweeted about how he’s gonna get married and how “Last Train to Paris” is really going to arrive in December. No, really.

Let that be the last time I pretend to care about who Diddy beefs with.

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