Song Of The Day: Keegan DeWitt wants you to ‘Say La La’

06.17.10 7 years ago

Keegan DeWitt has come a long way as a songwriter, from narrative, standard singer-songwriter fare to what now seems like a full, fleshy pop-folk-rock adventure.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I sang backup for Keegan when he was still living in New York, what was something like four years ago. He’s since moved out to Nashville and has been collaborating with a multitude of other talented songwriters on that front, like Madi Diaz and Caitlin Rose.

But his scope has extended outside of music city, as he’s put together the score for three Aaron Katz films, including the most recent “Cold Weather,” which made the rounds at South By Southwest and has since been picked up for distro by IFC. He heads to Los Angeles this weekend for the flick’s premiere at the L.A. Film Festival.

Before my adventures at Bonnaroo over this past weekend, I was able to catch up with Keegan in Nashville. In Paris last year, he’d prepared his “Nothing Shows” EP, which will be released on July 13 as a split venture with impeccable tastemaker Daytrotter and its Record Barn. This marks the first time that an artist’s new work will be sold through the site. He seemed just as excited about Daytrotter as it is of him.

Besides that — besides that! — the artist has been recording new tracks bit by bit at different studios around Nashville and is musing a move to California. And to that he says “La La.”

Check out “Say La La” from “Nothing Shows” below.

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