Song of the Day: Mogwai shows you ‘How to Be’ a cyclist in short film clip

12.09.10 7 years ago

Mogwai have a new album dropping in February and what better way to promote it than help spotlight the travels of a cyclist how literally biked around the world.

“How to Be a Werewolf” is a pretty light track — considering it’s Mogwai — and a remix of it appropriately soundtracks a clip of James Bowthorpe, who broke the record for biking ’round-the-world, in Norway during a “white night,” a night during which the sun never goes down. Talk about Northern lights.

The video is part of a longer short film, directed by Antony Crook, chronicling the travels. Crook also designed the cover for Mogwai’s next album, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.” (Which is now, officially, my favorite album title of all time for today.) The set’s due Feb. 15 on Sub Pop.

“We found the perfect backdrop to tell this story of somebody who points his bike at the horizon and then doesn’t stop pedaling. It’s a film about never giving up,” says Crook in a statement. He had been listening to the Mogwai “Hardcore” demos as he filmed.

Now let’s talk about Mogwai for a second, because I’m trying to put this somewhat-uplifting song into some context. I saw the Scottish rockers finally for the first time two years ago at All Points West in New Jersey and —  even with My Bloody Valentine shaking equilibrium to their core later that night — they were still the loudest motherf*ckers in that park, bless their hearts.

But with “Werewolf,” there’s a lot more identifiable structure, a lot more high end, than I’m used to, and not just comparing their live sets to recordings. I’m curious to hear the rest of “Hardcore,” if just for more of that magnificent snare sound.

Mogwai “How to Be a Werewolf” (in Thirty Century Man) from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

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