Song Of The Day: The Ting Tings return with two ‘Hands’

08.18.10 7 years ago 2 Comments


It was kind of sweetly sad when the Ting Tings took the stage of “Saturday Night Live” in January only to perform two hits (“Shut Up & Let Me Go” and “That’s Not My Name”) from an album they’d released two years earlier — and at least one of those songs had been around longer than that.

Thankfully, the Columbia-signed duo has a new trick up their sleeves — or, rather, out of their sleeves. “Hands” is the first new sounds from the band since releasing 2008’s “We Started Nothing,” and could very well end up on their sophomore set. It was recorded in the winter of 2009, and was mixed by venerable DJ Calvin Harris.

You can hear a stream on the track on the band’s Facebook page, for the price of your soul your “Like.” A “Low Sunday Indie Fix” remix is also available, though I think you have to surrender your deepest secrets to Sony or something, so I recommend hearing it here instead.

While I thought “Shut Up” is like Blondie at its snottiest best, and “Name” was like The Go! Team (remember them?) attacking “Hey Mickey,” “Hands” sounds like the Ting Tings really starting to carve out their own unique niche, in an ’80s new wave revival/speak-singing kind of way. It’s catchy as hell, though still understated compared to the majority of “We Started Nothing.” With somebody like Harris on board, it makes me eager to hear how else each of their two hands got, er, busy.

What do you think? Are they “working too hard” or not hard enough?

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