Song of the Day: The Whigs quite alive on ‘Dying’

05.17.10 7 years ago

The Whigs. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I can think of few other bands that chronically open for  enormous bands, but rarely headline big rooms themselves.

It’s not that their brand of rock ‘n’ roll is off in any way; their records are good, they play well together live, sonically they’re ever-growing.

Maybe things are about to change, that they’ll turn the corner this year in support of “In the Dark.” And “Dying” could help.

It’s a, well, dark shoegazey jam, with a growling crescendo and a quasi-chorus that sets a mood more than it blazes lyrics into your cranium. Download it for free below.

It comes as a reminder that the band is paired with the perfect bride, Kings of Leon, this summer on tour, as well as The Hold Steady. Check dates here.

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