Song(s) Of The Day: Ryan Adams drops new song, Alice In Chains cover

06.28.11 6 years ago

Last we checked in on Ryan Adams, he was prepping a Cardinals double-album “III/IV,” which was ultimately released late last year through his own PaxAm label and he was still hocking his sci-fi metal collection “Orion.”

The singer-songwriter has been in tour in Europe most recently, and has released some new music that’s kind of a bit of the former and some of the latter. Adams did his own take on heavy rockers Alice In Chains’ “Nutshell” and made it real laid-back-like. He also dropped bawler “Empty Room,” which is also streaming below in its minor-keyed glory.

Nothing bombastic here to see, but he is still obviously productive and backed by an ensemble as willing to take up as easy a tempo as he. The songs are on an exclusive 7″ he’s been selling on the road internationally.

No word when and if Adams will be touring the U.S. this year, or what his next recording project will be.


“Empty Room”


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