Watch: ‘South Park’ takes on ‘Honey Boo Boo’ in new promo

10.03.12 5 years ago

Comedy Central

Be afraid, Honey Boo Boo…be very afraid.

Never one to shy away from targeting pop-cultural hot-buttons, Trey Parker takes on the hit TLC reality series in this week’s episode of “South Park” – and we’ve got the newly-released promo to prove it.

“If Honey Boo Boo’s gonna do pageants with a pig heart, we wanna pick a hog that has pizzazz and knows how to work it, girl!” says the hilariously-animated version of Boo Boo’s mama (note the corpse-like eyes) as mother and daughter look over an assortment of swines-for-slaughter.

And wouldn’t you know it, Boo Boo isn’t shy about asserting herself.

Titled “Raising the Bar,” the episode airs tomorrow night on Comedy Central.

Watch the full promo below, then let us know whether you’ll be tuning in below.

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