‘Star Wars’ on a budget: a shot-for-shot remake of the ‘Force Awakens’ trailer

11.19.15 2 years ago

A comedy group made a no-budget, shot-for-shot remake of the “Force Awakens” trailer that you have to see.

Using a lot of cardboard and an acapella “orchestra,” the California-based comedy group Dumb Drum managed to create its own “Star Wars” universe that almost holds it own against the real thing. Just don't look too close, or you'll notice that all the exterior shots appear to be in some guy's backyard. Then again, that's part of the charm.

This isn't the first “Star Wars” trailer that Dumb Drum has made a DIY version of — they also did the teaser from last year, and they've done similar cardboard-heavy remakes of the “Pacific Rim” and “Avengers” trailers, too.

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