‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ Blu-ray breaks global sales records

09.23.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

20th Century Fox

While the word “shock” probably isn’t the best way to describe the news given that we’re talking about, you know, “Star Wars” here, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm have announced that the nine-disc “Complete Saga” Blu-ray of the series has broken sales records in only its first week, with over a million copies sold around the world (that’s $84 million in spending globally) and 500,000 in North America alone. This makes it the bestselling catalog title in the history of the Blu-ray format, which has been available to the general public since June 2006.

“Once again our fan”s enthusiasm to celebrate ‘Stars Wars’ continues to amaze us,” said Kayleen Walters, Senior Director, Marketing, Lucasfilm in a statement. “Our goal was to deliver a premium product that they could enjoy with their family and friends and we are thrilled that they are enjoying it as much as we hoped they would.”

The Blu-ray, which consists of all six entries in the franchise and a host of special features including extended and alternate scenes, audio commentaries, interviews and behind-the-scenes documentaries, was released on September 16th. The collection’s debut was preceded by a massive hype-building campaign beginning over a year ago, and clearly the effort paid off.

“‘Star Wars’ is a franchise with universal stories that resonates as much today as it did 30 years ago,” chimed in Mary Daily, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Vincent Marcais, Senior Vice President of International Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  “With the Blu-ray, audiences can go deeper into the mythology than ever before and reconnect with everything they love about the Saga in the best possible quality.”

As for George Lucas? I believe his own statement, had he released one, would probably read something like this: “YEEESSS! YEEHEHEEEEESSS!! TOP OF THE WORLD, BABY!! TOP – OF – THE – WORLD!! WOOO!!” followed by excessive laughter and gluttonous tears of joy.

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