‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ poster confirms our suspicions about Finn and Jakku

08.15.15 2 years ago

Half the fun of being at a big convention or expo like D23 is getting the exclusive merchandise. So when Disney/Lucasfilm wrapped up their presentation for the year, everyone in the audience got an exclusive Drew Struzan.

For those who don”t keep up with poster artists, Struzan has drawn posters for every installment of the “Star Wars” franchise. But his D23 poster had a nice little confirmation Easter Egg for obsessive “The Force Awakens” fans:

Finn uses a lightsaber.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Way back in April – at Star Wars Celebrations – concept art of Finn had him in possession of a certain blue lightsaber hilt that was lost in the bowels of Cloud City. Struzan”s poster just confirms what we already know. But it”s still nice.

Now it”s just a matter of how exactly did Finn get his hands on Anakin Skywalker”s lightsaber.

Also, please note the use of double suns in the background of the Jakku imagery. This just adds more fuel to the speculation fire that Jakku is either the First Order name of Tatooine or a code name utilized to throw fans off the scent.

[UPDATE 8/15/15 4:58PM EDT]: In my excitement, I missed the third sun down in the lower left corner. So what does it mean? Three suns over Jakku? A setting sun in motion? A completely different moisture farming set piece? 

Meanwhile, take a look at some of our theories based on the recent reveals about the film in the video below:



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