Stefon and Amy Poehler say goodbye to Seth Meyers on ‘SNL’

02.02.14 4 years ago


This weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” wasn’t special just because it was the third time Melissa McCarthy hosted, it was also the last time Seth Meyers will ever “officially” anchor the Weekend Update desk. 

Meyers had an impressive eight-year run that stands alongside the classic runs of Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin, Dennis Miller, Norm Macdonald, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.   Meyers will be taking over “Late Night” from Jimmy Fallon (who moves on to host “The Tonight Show”) and on his final show some of the more memorable characters during Meyers run stopped by.  Are you ready for another Stefon (Bill Hader) moment? A reunion with Amy Poehler (his co-host from 2006-2008)?  And even an Andy Samberg appearance? And is that a lost former Governor of New York wandering around the set?

Enjoy the funny and emotional send off embedded below.

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