Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards of ‘Arrow’ loved working with director Lexi Alexander

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Sara Lance has been revived by the Lazarus Pit, but something isn”t right. On tonight”s episode of “Arrow,” will Quentin Lance be able to pull the trigger – literally – and put an end to all this? Based on the fact Sara Lance is in “Legends of Tomorrow” the answer is probably no? 

The action-packed episode is directed by Lexi Alexander. Alexander has been a vocal advocate of showing the discrepancy between men and women behind the camera in Hollywood. If you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of feminism in Hollywood, give her Twitter a follow.

Last week, I happened to be on the set of “Arrow” talking to stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett about what fans can expect from this season when talked turned to the upcoming episode. How could I pass up an opportunity to ask what it was like to work with Alexander? Amell teased an interesting exchanged between Oliver and another character from the episode while Bett spilled the details on Alexander”s directing style!

Stephen Amell: “Lexi had wonderful notes. Oliver and Quentin have scenes in Lexi's episode that are some of my favorite stuff, not just this year but in the entire history of the show. Lexi was present when she needed to be and back away when she needed to. She was just great. I really enjoyed working with her.

Emily Bett: “She was really cool. She has an interesting technique where she hides in room. She hangs out in the dark corners between the fake walls of the set. Then she decides what take she liked the best via listening. I'm sure she watches all the takes again too, but she listens [from behind-the-set] to each take and says “I think we got it!” She was really fun to work with.”

Be sure to see the final result tonight when “Arrow – Beyond Redemption” airs on The CW at 8/7c!

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