Stephen Colbert takes the gloves off on gun control

06.22.16 2 years ago

On last night's episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert talked frankly about the Senate's refusal to pass gun control laws. “I thought maybe the government might do their job and pass any kind of law, even a fig leaf to justify their existence,” he said. “Well, for thinking that, I owe myself an apology.” And then he took the gloves off.

For the rest of the segment, Colbert lobbed insults at the Senate that were equally funny and frustrating – a line that the late night host has fine-tuned over the years. “Hey Senate, I”ve seen bugs trapped in amber move faster than you,” Colbert said before later adding, “You accomplish so little that Kylie Jenner wants to know what the hell you do for a living?.”

At the end, Colbert announced, “I'm still upset but I feel a little better.” You can watch the whole segment below.

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