Steven Spielberg to produce a live-action ‘Halo’ TV series for XBox

05.21.13 5 years ago

Steven Spielberg to produce a live-action “Halo” TV series for XBox

One of the most acclaimed directors will helm “Halo: The Television Series.” “I’ve been playing games for decades,” Spielberg said today at a Microsoft event, in a pre-recorded video. “The stories have become more compelling as the technology has improved.

Chevy is trying to take advantage of its “Mad Men” cameo
Chevrolet has been making mock-up ads revolving around the Chevy Vega subplot, hoping the ads will help the company better engage with viewers. PLUS: Harry Hamlin’s Jim Cutler: An appreciation, and Elisabeth Moss is blonde again.

Simon Cowell’s new “X Factor” judges: A bad idea?

Neither Kelly Rowland nor Paulina Rubio brings a lot of buzz to the Fox reality show.

“Kitchen Nightmares” sends warning to Amy’s Baking Company to shut up
Tonight’s “public event” is a breach the reality stars’ contract, according to a letter sent to the Amy’s Baking Company owners.

ESPN laying off hundreds of employees
Did expensive TV rights fees for tennis and college football lead to today’s round of layoffs?

Ricky Gervais’ “Derek” debuts on Netflix in September

The nursing home dramedy already aired in the UK.

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