Stop what you’re doing and watch this Hot Chip music video right now

03.23.10 7 years ago

Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better”: This is what you get when you let a comedian direct your music video.

Included is a boy band perfectly manicured and re-manufactured for destruction; a holy figure that shoots laser-vapor from his mouth; and a disembodied head. Pe­ter Ser­afi­now­icz — who was in “Shaun of the Dead,” “Couples Retreat” and will play Paul McCartney in Robert Zemekis’ Beatles film remake “Yellow Submarine” — helmed the clip.

Hot Chip, the real band, can be seen in the crowd near the end of the clip.

It simultaneously acts as a knock toward pop band culture and music videos, and perhaps toward snobby critics who think the U.K. electronica act is too sugary. Now we know what happens to Hot Chip dissenters.

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