StreamFix: ‘Under the Skin,’ ‘Louie,’ and More on the Web

11.12.14 3 years ago

StreamFix has all the latest in streams on Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Take a break from blabbing about “Too Many Cooks” and catch up on these gems.


“La Bare” 

Never forget that Joe Manganiello used his “Magic Mike” cred to make a documentary about male stripping happen. God bless.

“Small Town Santa” (November 13)

Give it up: You're ready for cheesy holiday fare. This one features Dean Cain (who was great as a celebrity contestant on GSN's “The Chase” yesterday) and Christine Lakin (of “Step By Step” fame) as protectors of the holiday spirit. Cain plays a sheriff who arrests a home intruder — but it's not just any home intruder. It's SANTA, Y'ALL. Five stars, must ee.

“Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats” (November 14)

We need more female-led standup specials. You do realize the greatest standup special of all time is Paula Poundstone's “Caps, Cops, and Stuff,” right? It is. She is constantly hilarious and never once mistakes acting cool for telling a good joke. Cough, Chris Rock, cough.

“Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage” (November 15)

Sinbad has to save the sultan's firstborn child, but never mind that: This is narrated by Patrick Stewart. Suddenly this is sailing up my Netflix queue to #1. 


“Getting On” (with subscription)

Time for you to get into this show, both the UK and U.S. versions. Get this: It's about the geriatric unit of a hospital and the hilarious and horrifying world therein. The British version (streaming on Hulu) is great, and if you're into underrated HBO works, check out the American version where Laurie Metcalf is unbelievable as the obliviously nutty director of medicine. 

“Louie,” Season 1-3 (with subscription)

Do you like comedy that makes you feel kind of horrified and weirdly reflective? Watch this. God, that Melissa Leo episode. God.

Amazon Prime

“Crazy Stupid Love”

I would venture to say that “Crazy Stupid Love” is the favorite romcom of 2014 dudebros. I have this trainer named Steve who wears tanktops with cocky slogans on them, and he called this movie “the best.” He added that Ryan Gosling is “the man” and that Steve Carell is “fricking hilarious.” He had nothing to say about the cinematic legacy of Julianne Moore, and I know that because I asked.

“Midnight in Paris”

This movie is both entertaining and a little cringe-inducing. I mean, it's about a grown man interacting with swanky historical figures and feeling cool around them. Pretty dorky idea, Woody. But give it up for the delicious Corey Stoll, who works it as Ernest Hemingway.

“Under the Skin” (November 14)

Just your average Scarlett Johansson-as-an-alien-seductress-preying-on-men-in-Scotland picture. Nothing to see here. (Seriously, fantastic movie.)


“Sports Jeopardy!”

I'm going to hawk “Sports Jeopardy!” again because there is not enough good trivia on the internet and this is a legitimate production with ESPN demigod Dan Patrick at the helm. This week the players miss a question regarding the 1971 all-Australian Wimbledon ladies' final. Can you remember the final two women? Margaret Court is the given answer, and the woman who defeated her was…? Hint: It is the most fun name to say in the English language. And she would win again in 1980. 

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