Sundance 2009: Missing In Action

01.22.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

Okay, so that’s not how I thought the last few days were going to go.  At all.

When I left here after posting the “Paper Heart” interview, I was on my way to do a bit of “Adventureland” press, feeling confident about my Park City navigation skills, happy with the piece I’d just put up and the pace we were keeping and… well… pretty much everything.

So of course that’s when everything fell apart.  First, there was the issue of just plain finding the house where the “Adventureland” stuff was being done.  Now that I’ve been there, I can tell you it’s actually very conveniently located, and should have been an easy matter.  But because I made the mistake of asking one of the many volunteers who aren’t that familiar with the way Park City’s laid out, but who act like they are locals, I got completely turned around and dropped off at the Library instead of the Main Street stop.  The Library, for those of you not here, is at the very bottom of a very tall and steep hill.  And the house where the interviews were turned out to be at the top of that very tall and steep hill.

Keep in mind, I’m not exactly a small mammal to begin with.  But when you realize you are in the exact wrong place, and you have six minutes to get somewhere, and the only way that’s going to happen is if you run in heavy boots and mountain air up a hill covered in snow and ice… it is a moment that tests what you are physically capable of doing.

So when I finally did stagger into the “Adventureland” house, I must have looked like I was going to have a heart attack.  I guessing, anyway, since I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.  And of course they immediately hand me over to Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, while I’m pouring sweat and gasping to try to get my lungs to start working.  I don’t run at sea level, so running in this kind of altitude was just punishing.

The interviews ended up going well, and we’ll have those for you here next week.  I wish I could just post the raw audio, because they’re really great together, but I don’t think the sound quality would hold up.

By the time I finished the interviews, I realized I’d left my phone at the room where I’m staying, which meant I was out of contact completely.  No Twitter.  No nothing.  And the rest of the day was so packed that I never had a chance to even get close to the room again.  I ran from there to see “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men,” then over to the not-so-secret Steven Soderbergh screening of “The Girlfriend Experience,” then back to the Yarrow for “Black Dynamite.”  When I finally made it back to the room, I was worn out, and I had both hours of “Lost” to watch and recap for the Wednesday airdate.

Then Wednesday saw me using the morning for some personal business, trying to catch up on a few things that I’ve neglected while I was up here, and then off to see my first film by 2:00.  Normally that would mean a non-productive day, but I managed to fit in five films anyway, going from “Grace” to “Nollywood Babylon” to “Five Minutes In Heaven” to “World’s Greatest Dad” and, finally, to “Thriller In Manila.”

And now here we are in my last full day at the festival.  I’m probably seeing three films today and one tomorrow morning, then I’m on a plane and on my way out of here.

And I haven’t even punched anyone in the face yet.  Sheeeesh.

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