Sundance 2009: Saturday Afternoon Update

01.17.09 9 years ago

Okay, for anyone checking the blog right now, thought I’d drop in quickly before trying to post reviews for “Moon” and “Humpday” and let you know how things are going.

It’s been a frustrating Saturday, but since I’m determined not to let myself be stressed, I’m just sort of rolling with the various scheduling gaffes and whatever I see, I see.  So far, I’m missed two films I was ticketed to see, the midnight movie “Grace” (since “Rudo y Cursi” ran late last night) and this morning’s premiere of “Lymelife.”

I’m absolutely determined to catch up with both films later in the festival.  For now, I’m trying to use the weird gaps in my schedule today to get some writing done so I can be closer to current with the reviews.

There’s only been one movie I really resent having seen so far, and that’s “Spring Breakdown.”  It’s my own fault.  I should have known, just from the description.  Even so, I did see “Wet Hot American Summer” here in 2001, so you always hope that something will play better than it sounds on paper.  But “Spring Breakdown” is sort of a programming embarrassment.  If you’re considering seeing it up here, but you’re not sure yet… don’t.  Really.

“Dead Snow” at midnight for sure tonight.  I may see “The September Issue” before that, or I may run to the Eccles for “500 Days Of Summer.” That’s the sort of day it is… very little set in stone.  Even “Paper Hearts” is still a possibility.

Whatever happens, I’m loving the mountain air and the cold.  It’s insane how beautiful it is out there right now, and I’m energized by being here again.

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