Sundance 2009: Three Days To Go

01.19.09 9 years ago

Mid-afternoon, and in a rare moment where I don’t have to be somewhere else, I’m actually in my own room during daylight hours with a few minutes to write before I have to leave for the next film.  I have to say, overall, this is an enjoyable, solid line-up of films I’ve seen since I’ve been here.  I’m done writing some reviews in my notebook I’m carrying around, and tonight I’ll be able to finally type them up and post them, but by the time I’m home from my last screening this evening, I’ll have seen 17 films total.  Not great.  Not bad.  I can still maybe hit 30 for the whole time I’m here if I’m really aggressive about it.

There are films that I really wanted to see that I’m less interested in now that I’m here (“When You’re Strange,” for example), films I’ve wanted to see but can’t seem to work out timing-wise (“World’s Greatest Dad”), and films that I’m dying to see that I really wasn’t thinking about before I hit down (“The Cove” seems to be hugely popular).  Seems to always work this way.  And I’ve seen some themes emerging, like autism (“Boy Interrupted” and “Mary and Max”) or women who don’t believe in love (“Paper Heart” and “500 Days Of Summer”) or even cloning (“Moon” and “The Clone Returns Home”).  I’m sure that’s by design, but it’s always fun to realize what these echoes are as you’re making your way through your schedule.

It really struck me the other day as I was walking through the fast-moving ticket-holder’s line outside the Eccles that this is all just Disneyland for movie nerds.  Having spent so much of my formative era in childhood at the Florida park, that’s exactly what Sundance feels like to me.  Some good rides.  Some bad rides.  But you’re always running from place to place, hoping to get on Space Mountain.

The films I’ve seen but haven’t reviewed yet are “Humpday,” “Rudo y Cursi,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” “Spring Breakdown,” “The September Issue,” “Treevenge,” “Dead Snow,” “The Carter,” “Paper Heart,” “500 Days Of Summer,” and this morning’s film, “Big Fan.”  I’m on my way out for “Adventureland” and “Bronson” tonight, and maybe “The Clone Returns Home” if I time it right.

Tomorrow, there’s an event at the Eccles that will either turn out to be a really groovy surprise if the rumors are right or a really interesting conversational panel that will nonetheless disappoint most of the people there if the rumors are wrong.  I’ll be there to report on it either way.

And I’ve still got Wednesday and Thursday after that.  So Sundance isn’t over yet, definitely… it’s just that we’ve sort of turned the corner, and I can already see a lot of people disengaging.  I still have too much to see, too much to write, and I want to make sure to share my interview with the team behind “Paper Heart” with you tonight as well.  Good folks.  Good film.  We’ll get into it then.

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