‘Supernatural: Tribes’ begins casting with ‘Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Waterloo Road’ vets

02.20.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
The CW has officially begun casting on “Supernatural: Tribes” and in case you were concerned, they’ve gone “attractive” with the initial stars. 
The first two actors set for the “Supernatural” spinoff pilot are Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount. The two actors and their characters will be introduced in the April 29 episode of “Supernatural.”
“Tribes” focuses on the monster families that run Chicago’s criminal underbelly, Mafia-style. The ostensible hero is a new Hunter who is determined to clean up the Windy City and get rid of all supernatural elements.
Laviscount plays Ennis Roth, a police academy trainee whose fiance is killed in the monster-mafia crossfire. When Ennis learns what’s actually happening in the City of the Big Shoulders, he becomes a monster hunter.
You may or may not recognize Laviscount from “Episodes” or “Skins.” Apparently “Waterloo Road” is his claim to fame, which won’t help most American viewers. Across the Pond, however, he’s big enough to have been on “Celebrity Big Brother.”
Buzolic will play David Hayden, a shapeshifter from a powerful monster family. David has been passing as a human after giving up the monster life. 
Credits for Buzolic, who comes from The CW’s Australian pipeline, include the mystery-soap “Out of the Blue” and a run as Kol on “The Vampire Diaries.”
But actors will be cast regulars if “Tribes” goes to series.
The “Supernatural: Tribes” nested pilot will be written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer. 
The CW ordered a 10th “Supernatural” season just last week.

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