Surprise: ‘Wonder Woman’ TV costume gets a major makeover

03.30.11 6 years ago 6 Comments


Warner Bros. Television, NBC and DC Entertainment must have been somewhat surprised at the outcry online after the new costume for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” TV pilot was released two weeks ago.  Fans complained of the shiny spandex pants and the Amazon Warrior wearing high heels, something the comic book character hasn’t done since the 1980’s.  Considering fans had already voiced their displeasure regarding the leaks over executive producer David E. Kelly’s pilot script, getting the iconic costume wrong would be a fan-related nightmare.  It’s no surprise then that Adrianne Palicki’s wardrobe has been quickly modified.

The “Wonder Woman” production hit the streets of Hollywood earlier this week and paparazzi caught both Palicki and what appears to be her stunt woman double in action.  You can catch the photos here, but changes have been made which absolutely address fans concerns.  First, the spandex light blue pants are gone and instead replaced by a more natural and navy fabric. Second, Diana’s signature red boots are back sans heels making her super speed (assuming she actually has it on the show) much more realistic. No word on whether WBTV will release an official updated image of Palicki before the series is picked up, but our guess is they will error on the side of caution and hold off for now.

For those unaware, Elizabeth Hurley (“Serving Sara,” “Austin Powers”) is also on board as the villainous Veronica Cale (it appears Sharon Stone was unavailable).

The fate of “Wonder Woman” won’t be decided at the earliest until NBC reveals its 2011-12 schedule in May.

What do you think of the costume changes? Share your thoughts below.

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