Pro: Taylor Swift just won the Internet. Con: She just admitted she Googles herself.

09.25.14 3 years ago

Tumblr is a magically place. A place where someone* will take a photo of Taylor Swift in a tiara and try to convince the world it”s a picture of a girl named Becky who snorted pot at a party and died instantly.

The photo went viral on the social sharing platform before petering out naturally. That is, until Taylor Swift joined Tumblr and started searching for her name (I assume). It was then the Becky saga gave us the plot twist of a lifetime.

Photo Source: Taylor Swift

Well played, Taylor Swift. Or should I call you by your real name GHOST OF BECKY!

*While the original owner of (who started the Becky story) is lost to history, whoever owns the name now reblogged Swift's image with a hilarious “I TOLD YOU!!”

[Via Gawker]

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